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The Public Bèta Plan

Why we do this and what you get out of it

Floown Planner is currently completely free to use with all its features while in public beta. We do this because we want to have a thoroughly tested product before we officially release it into the world. This is best achieved when real businesses use the product and let us know what works and what needs to change.

Meanwhile, this means you and your team can enjoy the Planner in all its glory completely* free of charge. At some point, we will need to flip the switch and start charging a fee as we are a business that needs to thrive. When the time comes, we will have a sweet offer ready for you early adopters who are in before day 1. Sign up now and we will consider you enrolled for this sweet deal.

*Okay, not completely free, we hope for your feedback in exchange so we can make it better. But you are still welcome if you just want to use it and be left alone.