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Planning starts with availability

Floown is the fastest way to find out who is available in your team.

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Create teams & always know who’s available

Working together starts with availability, but things often get messy when schedules need to be aligned. Figuring out who's available when simply takes too much time and trouble. Floown gets to the heart of this problem. Set up your team(s) instantly, add whoever you want, use the smart filter to see who can work when and book them directly.

Share time & skills across multiple teams

Why place your bets on one single team? Life is about new perspectives. Floown allows anyone to start and join multiple teams, so you can continue to adopt fresh skills, land jobs and grow your network. With Floown you only have to manage one calendar, while you remain on the radar of all your teams.

Works seamlessly with
your Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration

Always in touch with each other. That's what we call modern team work

Together we achieve more; that’s a fact of life. With Floown, you carefully craft a network of people you love to work with or become part of one. Or two. Availability is synchronized constantly between you and your teams, so scheduling time to work together is always just a few clicks away. Try it for free and realise more work than you’ve ever dreamt of.

Floown, modern team work

Join a growing group of happy customers

Share your skills. Divide your time. Multiply your power.

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Floown wasn’t built in a day

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